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Bruce Lee Clones- Part 1

Bruce Lee had an immense influence on the world after his last and one of his best work's, Enter Of the Dragon. From look- a- likes to video game icons, the Bruce Lee influence is very apparent around us. Here is a brief run through of the representations that continue to spread Bruce's undying legacy.

Video Games:

This genre of Bruceploitation contains one of the most unique as well as one of the most accurate portrayals of the martial arts legend. Fighting games, primarily, owe their  success as well as development  to their fighting icon. Bruce Lee had a great influence on the fighting genre of the video game industry. To be frank, it is not difficult to notice that there is an element of Bruce in a vast majority of fighting games on the market. If you pay close attention, the character may even wield a pair of nunchucks. Bruce not only influenced martial arts but video games as well. Here are the four most realistic clones as to which they most accurately portray Bruce:

Order- Descending from best to least

1. Fei Long( Street Fighter):  Fei Long in my opinion is the most realistic impersonator of a Bruce. According to his background, it states that he is actually a movie star, which is true to Bruce's life. The other three Bruce Lee clones have completely different occupations when they are not busy fighting, such as serving as a  bouncer(Jann Lee) or a cook(Marshall Law). He also uses a signature technique, displayed in Street Fighter 4, where he delivers a series of punching combinations and finishes his opponents off with a move that resembles the one inch punch( Bruce's trademark technique). Although Mortal Kombat first introduced a Bruce Lee look-a-like, it did not really consider Bruce's life as a priority to convey. Fei Long set the path to which more fighting games would follow in creating their Bruce Lee descendant.

See the Comparison? 

2. Marshall Law( Tekken): Marshall Law undoubtedly expresses Bruce Lee's style of Jeet Kun Do with the most realism. Fei Long's movements are very flashy as well as unrealistic. I am not sure if you can actually generate fire just by jumping. Marshall Law's fighting style actually incorporates Bruce's footwork and many techniques that he utilized in his movies. His style consists  of plenty of counter attacks, round-house kicks, as well as easy- to- master move by move combos to shake almost any opponent in the Tekken universe.

3. Lieu Kang( Mortal Kombat): Liu Kang was the first virtual homage to Bruce Lee. Although Lieu may not be the most realistic portrayal of Bruce, he was the first. What is unique about this Bruce Lee clone is that he has a penchant for kicks.

4. Jann Lee( Dead or Alive): Why does every Bruce Lee clone have to be shirtless? Well apparently this one is. Jann's attacks are lightening fast which could pertain to Bruce's own reflexes. He doesn't really display moves that you would normally see a Bruce Lee film. But he does retain his style.

Here are some videos that might assist in comprehending what Bruce Lee had involuntarily accomplished after his lifetime:          

Another Video Link: (

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  1. Now you're talking! Marshall Law is one of the most played Tekken Characters ever. New people always gravitate to him because he resembles The Dragon. They make him pretty easy to control, which keeps it fun. However, as an expert, one is bound to realize that the quick, nuanced moves he uses (especially in Tekken3) can be used to effortlessly mislead opponents, eventually luring them into his unblockable, signature one-inch punch.
    I dare anyone to challenge me!