Saturday, November 2, 2013

Donnie Yen vs Bruce Lee

To all you  fans of action movie flicks, you may have an idea of what this means. The video is put into mp4 format for the convenience  of viewers. I won't be getting into detail on Jeet Kun  Do just yet. This clip is about two movie legends of the martial arts genre who duke it out with no bounds set. The newer generation could teach Bruce a thing or two about fighting, as shown in this video.

Update: I apologize for the sudden pulling of the video but for some unkown reason it is not showing up on the blog. Have your fingers crossed.


  1. This is a crazy fight scene. Whoever made this animation should go into videogame graphics production. Who were those robotic fighting men that Donnie Yen defeated? Do they have some reference to a movie? I also noticed that Bruce Lee makes some fighting sounds. Do those sounds help with power increase, or is it just a part of the art?

  2. Thx for responding to the blog post. Anyways, the robotic men were just random character models for Donnie Yen to beat up in my opinion. I regard it as warm up exercises for Donnie. The real show comes later. I cannot seem to think of any specific reference.

    As for the purpose of fighting sounds, your assumption is correct.

    I personally train in Tae Kwon Do at a local dojang, obtaining the rank of purple belt. My instructor forces us to yell or in Korean ki hap(vocalized power) after each strike. The art of Tae Kwon Do incorporates the mind, body, and the soul. A vocalized yell or ki hap unites all of them in a loud scream. A strong yell will keep your mind centered towards perfecting the techniques and release all of the energy that has been built up over meditation or inhalation. Personally, a power yell is proven effective. When ki happing, my strikes manage to shake the practice pads. Also ki haps are used for breaking objects, such as bricks in exhibitions.

    My knowledge of ki hap is very little so I am putting up a reference link: