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Signature Moves: Bruce Lee (Spinning Hook Kick Counter)

1. Spinning Hook Kick Counter:
 Back ground-   The spinning hook kick is used in many martial arts, such as wing chun and karate. However, Bruce learned this particular kick from Jhoon Rhee, a tenth degree black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do( the highest belt rank). Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that emphasis on kicking due to their belief that the foot is the most powerful part of the human body. In fact, Tae Kwon Do contains the most kicks out of any martial art. On the downside, though, Tae Kwon do has received a bad reputation for it's flashy kicks and watered down techniques in the Olympics. But Bruce was especially fond of the kicking techniques of Tae Kwon Do and sought to incorporate them into his movies, which had a overwhelmingly positive effect an audiences.   In the movies, Bruce uses this kick frequently as a elusive counter attack for a round house or a side kick. The spinning hook kick is notably featured in two of Bruce's movies( Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon) as it is used by Bruce against notable opponents such as Bob Wall and Chuck Norris.

How to Execute: The Spinning Hook Kick is is basically a reverse round house kick. Another way to think of how to execute a spinning hook kick is just simply a hook kick. If you are not to familiar with martial arts, the video below will be very beneficial for you. First you have to begin with a stable stance. Orthodox or south paw, it doesn't matter. To be honest, this kick can be interchangeably used against an opponent, out of my experience. Like many martial arts, Tae Kwon Do has a specific stance crafted for stationary kicks such as the spinning hook kick( the front horse stance- I know it's silly). However I am going to leave it out for the sake of being  true to my words. Second pivot your body, by rotating your entire body back words with one leg in front and the other leg in the back. When your pivot, do not let the back leg touch the ground. You have to lift the back leg in order  preform the kick. The previous statement was just said to make visualization much easier. Third, lift the back leg up to your waist with the leg straight out, heel pointing out. Before lifting the leg up look behind  you so you can accuratly pin point the targeted part of the oppoents body. Then twist your hips and your head to the direction from where the back leg is lifted.. Furthermore, straighten the leg as best as you can in preparation for delivering the kick to the target area. Fourth, kick by retracting your back leg, from the knee down, in a swift powerful motion. You should be able to hear a snap and the bottom of your foot should make contact with the targeted area( preferably  the face). As you bring you leg back, make sure your knee is still tucked in before your leg reaches the floor. This will maintain your balanced. Finally, get back to your stance.

- In order to achieve a powerful kick, the technique must be done in a swift fluid motion. The air that is dragged and ripped through serves as momentum in order to push the hook kick forward, generating the much needed power in the process. The faster the kick is executed, the more power is generated.
- Stretch!!! Cannot stress this enough. The spinning hook kick requires you to extend the back leg and retract it at a great height. If you are not flexible, I suggest you begin with some warm up extension exercises. You wouldn't want to pull a muscle in a middle of a fight.
- Although this kick may be effective, use it wisely. The spinning motion leaves your back vulnerable to the attacker. Also, weary eyes most likely can detect the intention of the kick as it is predictable. Typically this kick is used for defensive purposes. Unless you are skilled to the point where you have a quick draw. You also have to have good judgement on distance. Spinning kicks have a limited range so don't expect to always make contact with it. My advice: the closer the opponent is to you, the less chance he or she can anticipate it. The spinning hook kick is like a whip lash. Once the person is within the appropriate proximity of the kick, the leg itself is effective if not the attention getting spinning motion.

Bruce Lee's own utilization and approach on the technique:
Enter the Dragon serves as a prime example of Bruce's perfection of the spinning hook kick. During the scene where Lee ( Bruce Lee) and O'Hara( Bob Wall) square off in a duel to the death, Bruce utilizes the spin hook kicks during the first portion of the actual bout. O'hara attempts to throw a round house kick, only to have a foot smack his face by Bruce as he does the spinning hook kick. Not knowing from his mistake, he decides to rush Bruce again with the round house, only to meet the same fate. Then Bruce unleashes a front hook kick onto the agitated O'hara, seemingly knocking the senses out of him. However, O'hara is not dead and the fight continues a few minutes longer.

  A popular kick technique among fighters in mma promotions such as UFC.

                                          * Jumping spinning hook kick from Tae Kwon Do- much harder to execute but can be devastating if done correctly

The demo video will be posted very soon. For the meantime, here is a video from a clip in Enter the Dragon where Bruce preforms those lightning fast kicks.

Bruce's signature move fight clip

My personal demonstration- Coming Soon!!!

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