Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bruce Lee Featured As A Playable Fighter in EA Sports UFC!!!

It has just been confirmed that Bruce Lee, the untitled father of mixed martial arts, will appear as a playable fighter as a pre-order bonus for purchasing EA Sports UFC game for the Xbox One and PS4. I cannot even begin to formulate the words used to write this post. To be able to relive Bruce's fighting abilities against other top tear fighters in the UFC would definitely be one of the best realistic fighting games ever made in my book. I can't discuss on this any longer but here is a link and a picture. I am so stoked.

Go ahead and knock yourself out with this picture of the game poster. It can't get any more legit than this.

 Picture of Lee sparring with a partner(unknown). I think he has great potential in the organization itself as the fighter who everyone fears.


Link to article on Bruce Lee pre- order bonus:

Link to Wikipedia page on the EA Sports UFC game:

Official Gaming Pictures:

Alternative site:

* Stay tuned for more announcements such as the reveal of the mysterious UFC character who most likely should be Bruce Lee

Update as of 5/16/14: Official game play of Bruce Lee in action. The dragon has finally left his lair. 

YouTube Clip:

More coverage on Bruce Lee's appearance in EA UFC will continue until the final release date.

All You Need To Know About Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC:

Here is the first showcase of game play in the EA UFC game, just if you are curious on what the game would look like: 

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